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Christina Cathleen [userpic]
Silent Challenges, Chapter Five
by Christina Cathleen (rhetoricfem)
at November 15th, 2012 (12:40 am)

Hi There!

Chapter Five.

Title: Silent Challenges
Series: Chapter Five,   909 words
Pairing/Character: Mori & Haruhi
Rating: T
Summary: "Peace settled in amongst them before long. There was a long flight ahead, and enough time to share seats and discussions with all."

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Glancing over the current seating arrangement, Tamaki became indignant.

"You know, I'm a big girl, Senpai. It's okay if I sit by myself."

"Something about this just isn't right! My poor, only daughter should not be made to leave her country while sitting on a plane all by herself!"

"Yeah, you're still not my father. Besides, I'm not sitting by myself on a plane. I'm lounging cross-legged on Kyoya-Senpai's private jet on my way back to the states. And I've somehow managed to take along with me four additional boys. You can hardly call that alone."

"Fine. All I'm saying is that you should clear those books away from the seat next to you just in case another person wanted that seat for themselves."

"I'll see what I can do. By the way, thanks again, Kyoya-Senpai."

He acknowledged her thanks with a short nod, "Not to worry, Haruhi. I can't imagine any of us were looking forward to a fifteen hour flight on an airplane filled with unlimited possibilities of annoyance. This way we need only worry about Tamaki."

The blonde plunked down in the seat next to him, expelling his most dramatic mock-sigh. "Your words pain me, mon amis..."

Peace settled in amongst them before long. There was a long flight ahead, and enough time to share seats and discussions with all.

Hikaru took a look around the dimmed cabin of the airplane. Having slept through the majority of the flight, it was no surprise to find the rest of the occupants were in one way or another subdued. His brother lay sleeping in the plush chair next to him, while Tamaki laid stretched beneath a blanket on his own. Seated together in a lounge area were Kyoya and Haruhi, who appeared to be engrossed in a movie. Hikaru gave a stretch before moving to join them.

Gently knocking into Haruhi, the redhead indicated for her to move over.

"What are you watching?"

"Paranormal Activity. It's American. It's a good thing English is so much easier to understand, because the dub for this was pretty bad."

"The American mindset toward the supernatural, however, is not as simple to grasp. I mean really, if a place is haunted, just leave it. It was there first, and these fools want to go after and analyze it?"

For Hikaru, knowing that the two had become unlikely horror movie buddies was more than amusing.

"I don't think it's the house that's dealing the haunting…"

The sudden revelation caused both Kyoya and Haruhi to throw him equally disenchanting stares before turning back toward the screen. Hikaru changed the subject in hopes of now lightening the mood.

"That's a nice necklace you've got there, Haruhi. I've never seen it before."

Running her fingers along the dove, she remembered that out of sensitivity she had kept the gift to herself. At the moment, however, it seemed somehow shameful to hide such a gesture.

"Mori-Senpai gave it to me."

"He did, huh? Wow."

"Personally," Kyoya interjected, "I think it was a long time coming. Perhaps not to you, Haruhi, but for some of us, Mori-Senpai's feelings toward you have been clear for quite some time."

Quite some time… Exactly how long does that entail? If everyone could read past Mori's straight face, then just how obvious am I? Just how oblivious am I?!

"And just so you know, Haruhi, you're pretty obvious, too."

How does he do that?!

"You're different around him, in a cute and subtle little way. As for Mori, his life is heavy with responsibility, but he carries it well. His loyalties are a big part of what define him, and when it comes to matters of instinct or heart, he seldom needs a second guess. I imagine if he decides to pursue you that he realizes you feel the same way, too."

Kyoya's statement succeeded in grabbing the attention of both his seatmates. Haruhi sat quiet for a moment, taking this new information in. Overwhelmed and unable to think of anything worthwhile to say, she simply nodded her head and offered a contemplative, "Hm," before returning her attention to the screen.

The three of them sat there together for the remainder of the flight, watching movie after movie. Hikaru's eyes barely left the screen, though his mind seemed to be elsewhere. He managed to snap out of it only after acknowledging the nearby whisper of Kyoya, who felt the need to speak across a sleeping Haruhi.

"Do you think you'll be okay?"

"Sure, Senpai. I'll be fine."

"You know, if Haruhi were to end up in a relationship, it would be unfair for her to think she had a reason to hide it."

"Yeah. I know."

"I hope you realize how much you mean to her. As much time as she spends with you, do you think she'd put up with your moods and your humor if she didn't care? It might be platonic, but Haruhi still loves and trusts you."

Hikaru tried to take solace in knowing that his friend was right, and that his point was being evidenced by Haruhi having gently laid her head on the boy's shoulder. He allowed a bittersweet smile.

"Thanks, Kyoya-Senpai."

"Of course."

"By the way, you're awfully chatty and full of wisdom tonight. Any reason for that?"

Kyoya waited a moment to respond, "Oh, I don't know. I suppose I'd just like to see everyone happy. Or as close to it as possible."